Nice Tattoo Parlor | 493 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231




Nice tattoo is a tattoo parlor where everyone is nice to you.

Whether you’re a tattoo artist or one of our clients, Nice provides a relaxed, comfortable space for people looking for an alternative to the traditional tattoo parlor environment.  

Nice started when one of our founders – Robert – had a bad experience getting some small tattoos: one artist refused, one was rude, and another tried to price gouge him. It was in that final unnecessarily expensive moment that he decided there had to be a better way. From this experience, and after recruiting Jes and Jenny to help him start the business, Nice was born!

Since opening in April 2017, in a tiny single-room studio in Carroll Gardens, our little shop has served clients from around the world & surpassed any and all expectations. And while many things have changed – doubling in size, Jenny becoming the majority owner and adding more owners & partners, Jes leaving to start her own shop, adding thousands of people to our community – our goal has stayed the same: Create a space where everyone can feel comfortable getting a tattoo, and everyone is nice. 

Our dream for Nice Tattoo is to open a shop in every major city in the world. We aren’t there yet, but we’re just getting started… And thanks to our amazing community, we’re well on our way.